Life Coach About Text Samples

Transformational Coaching

Life is like riding a bicycle…

Hi, I’m [name], professional changemaker and personal empowerment peddler. I love bicycles – not just because I’m Dutch. As a transformational coach, my work is all about motion. In life we all lose our balance at some point or another, and it’s usually because we’ve stopped moving. Perhaps we’ve lost sight of where we’re going. Perhaps we’ve lost the motivation to keep pedaling. Perhaps something or someone is blocking our route. I guide my clients to get those wheels moving again. Already got your drive and momentum? Then it’s time to pick up the pace. Destination: the top of your game.

A great career. A fulfilling social and family life. Prioritizing yourself. If my services were a prescription medicine, these would be the side effects. We’ll work together to uncover your true passions and desires, ask powerful questions, set exciting challenges, establish life-changing goals and broaden your horizons. No tools, no judgment, no “help” or advice – just you, me and your future. Let’s ride!