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FIZZY MAG is all about grabbing the world by its shoelaces – living sneaker culture, fashion and streetwear trends 24/7 whilst evangelizing female empowerment.

We’re for unapologetic women who know their place in the world, the sneakers-before-stilettos girls. We deliver freshly squeezed content across news, features, interviews and more, giving exclusive access to new-gen creatives and opening discussions on important issues such as sex and mental health. We march to the beat of our own drum with our Fizzytorials; give us raw, amped-up street style and real women any day over your glossy, photoshopped fantasy spreads. Let’s exhale the BS.

FIZZY MAG has evolved from a print magazine into an international online platform, run by a high-attitude team of writers, stylists, photographers and artists – all with their fingers firmly on the cultural pulse.

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At FIZZY MAG, we love new-gen creatives. Streetwear is all about voices, from a collection report written by your favorite magazine, to an Instagram post on the latest sneaker drop, to sharing links with your mates. You don’t need a designer wardrobe, a thousands-strong following, or a fashion degree to be heard; all you need is passion. If that’s what you’re full of, we want to hear from you.

Whether we’re writing about fashion, sneakers, beauty, sex, dating, mental health, or general life stuff, we pride ourselves on our individual voice and attitude. We want our readers to feel like they’re listening to a knowledgeable good mate – slang, silly jokes and a smattering of swear words included. Feel free to be yourself, basically. What we don’t like is lifeless articles that read like the back of a box of All Bran, stringing together the facts without any added personality or development. The internet has enough bland throwaway content to chew through already.

But before you rush to your Gmail to ping us the latest piece you penned on the ’90s trend or your undying hatred of Tinder, it’s important that you read the following guidelines carefully.


All shopping and no play makes Jane a dull girl. So goes the internet age-old proverb that we totally just made up. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE online shopping, but most of the time, we’ve got better shiz to do, like styling up outfits to go out and own the world in.

If you prefer actually wearing clothes to spending hours searching for them, we’ve put together our very own directory of hot streetwear brands that are worth your attention. FIZZYPAGES is like a younger, cooler and sexier version of the Yellow Pages – except you can’t use us to find your crush, and you definitely cannot stand on us to kiss your crush.

From sneakers and streetwear to accessories and beauty, scroll down to browse our favorite brands.


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