DJ/Producer Bio Samples

Psy/Goa Trance

The lion is pure instinct; a pounding heartbeat in the jungle of the universe; a roaring bassline in the symphony of life. Through conscious, mind-freeing Psy and Goa trance, LionHeart channels the ultimate truth of oneness.
LionHeart emerged from the darkness. His inner eye visualizing the suffering of the planet and all of its lifeforms, he felt destined to create a lyrical vibration with the power to transcend borders. The producer’s calling took him from Luxembourg’s underground rave scene to Europe’s trance festivals, where on the dance floor, he experienced the magic of surrender like never before.
LionHeart’s music, like consciousness, has no nationality or ego. From his Berlin home to his worldwide pride, he is here to start a revolution of love and togetherness. Join him in the realm of soul.

Dark Techno

Like her leopard-clad namesake, the ancient Egyptian goddess of writing, Sesheta is an eternal storyteller. In the heady candlelight of her Berlin home and behind the altars of the city’s underground venues, the British DJ weaves disparate tracks into enchanting journeys. Be the genre techno, minimal or psytrance, or the setting mystical, sci-fi or psychedelic, it is darkness that drives her.