Cunning Opinion: Why Creativity in Copywriting is More Important Than Ever

Cunning Opinion: Why Creativity in Copywriting is More Important Than Ever

Copywriters are monkeys on typewriters. There are enough chimps in the infinite internet to type any given text, but only a fraction will produce a Shakespeare. In our content-hungry culture, quantity wins out over quality. Because, like customers of a cheap fast food chain, we are more preoccupied with the eating than the tasting.

‘We want it all and we want it now!,’ we scream, yet no text inspires our feeble attention spans enough to keep us reading. ‘Journalism is going downhill these days,’ we complain, failing to recognize that our insatiable demand has sent standards freewheeling. Who needs creativity, craft and innovation in a clickbait world turned by advertising revenue?

Uhhh… we do. Because when was the last time you reached the end of an article and remembered it? Or got hooked on a brand from the very first line of its about text? Can you recently recall falling in love with words on a page, musical in rhythm and thrilling in content? We’ve swapped literature for like culture, and its systemic mediocrity is making us boring and brain-dead. Smh.

Why is creativity in copywriting more important than ever? Because it makes an impression. Like a lighthouse in a storm of gray content, creativity empowers brands and personalities to shine above the rest, navigating customers and followers to engage in your unique message. Sure, you could save money and hire any old ape, but you’d not only be selling yourself short, but selling yourself average. In copywriting, you really do get what you pay for. Take that as a gibbon!


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